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Google My Business Management

I will:

  • Provide an analysis of local competitors
  • Create, claim, and optimize listings
  • Maintain accuracy and update as needed
  • Deliver fresh GMB posts
  • Respond to customer reviews
  • Update seasonally with current photos/videos


Rather than spend your precious free time working on tedious tasks after an exhausting day, you can delegate it to someone else and still gain the many benefits for the health of your business.


Blog posts serve a very important aspect of business. You have two options, one being part of a package and the other a very detailed add-on. 

For localized blog posts (Deluxe Plan), you will get:

  • 500 words per post
  • SEO for your industry
  • Location-specific
  • Content calendar of topics

For extra blog content, you will get:

  • Topic chosen by you or old post rewritten for fresh life
  • Unlimited word count
  • Well-researched and quality content
  • Your customer’s trust and future loyalty
  • Social Media promotion, if desired


Think of this as being the expert in your field. You are proving your knowledge by sharing it for free.

Digital P.R.

There is far more to running a business than what everyone sees from the front. The vitality and health of every business is dependent on how you’re reaching out to others behind-the-scenes.

You will get any of the following, choosing for your specific needs:

  • Outreach for guest podcast opportunities
  • Guest blogging outreach
  • HARO query submissions, providing reputable backlinks
  • Social media management and engagement


While these services are not guaranteed for quick success, investing in a few hours a month will reap long-term results.

Sponsorship Outreach

When it comes to podcasts, there are many strategies for reaching out to potential investors. This is extremely time-consuming and potentially overwhelming.

You will get:

  • a strategy to for successful outreach
  • formulated letters and emails to match ideal outreach plan
  • tracking system for potential leads and checklist for the outreach process
  • event planning for meet & greets
  • merch and other perks for top-tier sponsors


You will have the benefit of marketing advice and ground-floor help to meet your sponsorship goals.

Website Updates

With WordPress and Elementor websites, I am happy to help with light design elements and creating landing pages or styling blog posts before publishing.

What you get:

  • Blog post drafted or published
  • Simple website styling
  • Seasonal images
  • Recent testimonials


This is simply one more time-consuming task you can take off your to-do list.

Ready to get your free time back?

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