Common Questions

… and answers!

What is included in each package?


I’ve done my best to provide great value beyond the simple items listed in each package. Each service entails multiple facets so you’re getting the quality your business deserves.


Do I really need the services you provide?


It really depends on which industry you’re in, and no, maybe you don’t need ALL the services I provide, but every business needs to reach out to their potential customers in some way. So let’s talk about it and figure out which services you need.


What if I don’t like the work submitted?


As with any new employee or relationship, there’s a learning curve. I would hope you’d show grace by clearly explaining your preferences as I work to save you time.


Am I locked into a subscription plan?


No, definitely not locked in. If you wish to cancel, send me an email stating you’d like to end the service and I’ll finish out the month (since you’ve already paid) and send you all the work when I’m finished. And, then you’re free!


Can I get a service that’s not on your list?

If there’s something I don’t provide (of which there are plenty, since I’m only one person!), it would be my pleasure to try and find someone who does, and send you a referral.


Why should I choose you instead of one of the bigger and more specialized marketing management companies?

The best reason (I think) is because you know who you’re getting. You aren’t reaching out to a faceless, nameless help desk. If you have a question, you get it answered by Wendy. If there’s a problem, you know Wendy did your work. I consider the small state of my business an asset.

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