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Thank you for clicking into the email and giving this topic a try! Targeting an audience sounds mind-numbing, but I’m actually excited to share some of the best ways to reach your ideal prospects. 

Obviously, having an audience is vital to the growth and health of any business, so how do you put yourself in front of them so they notice you?

Social Media

Okay, now you can roll your eyes. Of course, social media is the go-to spot to begin ‘putting yourself out there’ (wherever there is). But there is actually a strategy to the madness of social media. 

The first time I remember this phenomenon was Facebook. So many people became obsessed with collecting friends, but they weren’t actually friends (your mom was right!).  When you throw yourself in front of masses of people without measuring their interests, those people you collected won’t care about what you’re posting and, ultimately, ignore you. At the end of the day… it’s simply a vanity metric. It means nothing.

On LinkedIn, my strategy has been to follow people with similar industries and experiences and simply comment on posts (or as the top dogs say “add value”). That has worked for me. People have asked for meetings simply because they saw a comment that resonated with them. It’s a slow process, but I’m trying to add people mindfully to my sphere.

Email Campaigns

*clears throat*  Well, this is awkward. You’re reading, essentially, my email campaign. I’ve got you hooked into my little web of slow dripping content and value to prime you for whatever I’ve got coming down the pike. 

Again… I don’t simply add people to my newsletter unless they’re part of my ideal audience. Though some people inexplicably might be drawn to my content regardless of their professional goals (I’m looking at you, Melissa)… I don’t actively pursue those outside my desired reach.

The purpose of emails and newsletters is to become the authority in your subscribers’ minds so that when they do encounter a problem, they immediately think of you.

My encouragement for you

Take time to run all your content (social media, blogs, emails) through three steps before sending it into the world:

1. Mindfully consider your audience… is this person part of your desired reach?

2. Assess your message… does your content successfully communicate the solutions your audience needs for their problem?

3. Determine your media… is the platform you’re using the best method to reach your desired audience?

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