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It’s officially summer time! Working when the sun is out, regardless of whether it’s your own business or working for someone else, isn’t my most favorite thing… I’d rather be taking my boys to Valley Forge and riding our bikes.  How about you… what would you rather be doing during summer time waking hours?

Back in May, we started a little series of tips for building a successful business. If you didn’t get to read the first two tips, just ask me for a copy. We’re going to continue along, but also take little breaks here and there for other topics along the way. Today, let’s talk about building your brand.

Tip #3 is “Build a brand you believe in.”

Regardless of where you are in your business journey (even if you’re totally established), it’s never too late to tweak your image. Your brand encompasses your reputation and how you present yourself to your audience. 

The foundation of your brand ought to be the core of your beliefs: how you treat your customers, the quality of your product or services, the motives behind every single transaction. So, how should that look for you?

Creating or building your brand can include lots of superficial (not unimportant, but still surface traits) from a tagline to the personality you present as a whole. 

Here are some deeper questions to explore for creating a powerful brand that people will remember:

  • Do I really understand what motivates my target audience?
  • Does my brand have a unique POV?
  • How are my brand products/services different from the rest?
  • In what ways is my brand building an emotional connection with our audience?
  • How am I investing my brand’s future?
  • What value am I providing to my audience (in addition to my products and services)?

If you’re interested in seeing more penetrating questions like this, check out this article.

My encouragement for you:

This week, take 20 minutes to brainstorm what your brand currently says (if you’re already up and running) and what you actually want to say and present to your audience. If you are happy and confident that your brand aligns perfectly with your ideals, expand on how you can continue to bring enrichment to your audience in the future.

Frank Perdue (President and CEO of Perdue Farms) said: “A business that doesn’t change is a business that is going to die.”

As always, my goal is to be as helpful as humanly possible. Please do reach out with questions or suggestions for topics you’d like me to discuss.

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