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I sure hope your week is starting out awesome! I’m enjoying my coffee this hazy morning.

Good news is coming!

Since I don’t want to waste your time, let’s get right down to our weekly tip for business owners. Today, the mindset is “Take Action!”

What does taking action look like?

Basically, don’t be a spectator. Obviously, if you’re the owner, your business can’t survive if you’re just standing by waiting for things to happen to you or for you. Sometimes, though, I lose motivation (Anyone else? No, just me?), so what do I do when I’m just feeling a bit burnt out or drifting out to sea?

Do you see that coffee mug above? Perfect choice (though completely unintentional)… you just begin. Look at your goals. Choose one major thing to tackle today, delegate the rest or push it to another day (if you can) and pick a passion project that will grow your business.

The beauty of working on your own business should be the flexibility it affords you to work on things if you’re not up to your prime. I know that treating myself more gently at certain times will set me up for true productivity later on. If I push myself regardless of how I feel, my work becomes less consistent and poorer quality.

For me, that might look like designing a resource to offer my potential audience and bring more people into my marketing funnel or, like today, writing up a newsletter rather than waiting for my planned time block to get multiples done or even spending a day attending webinars or reading books to continue expanding my skills and knowledge.

My encouragement for you:

This week, find a time to treat yourself and work on something that furthers your business but also allows a mental or physical break from the daily grind. It could be designing developing improvements to your products or services, taking a self-improvement course, or brushing up on marketing strategy.

Tell me what tasks you enjoy performing for your business! I’d love to hear from you. 

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