Why link building is necessary (and 5 simple ways to do it yourself!)

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We’ve been talking so much about SEO and writing content that it’s important to understand the purpose behind all this content. Everyone understands the frustration of having a beautiful website and lots of excellent content, but they’re hearing crickets. They aren’t getting any traffic. No one is visiting.  Why?

What is link building?

Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. 

It’s really easy to write a blog post and put links to others within your content without their permission (which is fine and totally legal); but it’s a bit more complicated (and far more impressive) to get other reputable businesses to link to your work from their website.

Why should I build links?

It all has to do with backlinks and the strength of your website. When your website is brand new, Google hasn’t learned that it’s there yet. If Google bots stumble upon it, but you haven’t done the work of link building to show why you’re reputable and important, they will continue to ignore you until you’ve got enough clout to show your strength.

How do I build links?

There are a few very good ways to do what is called PR Outreach. 

Every time you create a fully optimized article or blog post, you must reach out to those you sourced. Consider creating a “Sources” section at the bottom of your article if you don’t wish to link them within your content.

Send the author of your credited article a thank-you directly to their email telling them how useful you found their article on the topic and invite them to look at your article. Their natural instinct will be to look at your article and be flattered that you appreciated their work and took the time to give them credit.  They may, if your article is truly a work of art, link back to you from their website and share it on their social media platforms.

That is what you want: a link from them to you.

link building through HARO
Help A Reporter Out provides backlinks when your submission is accepted

5 Excellent Link Building Content Strategies!

1. A list post compiling reputable relevant links to others related to your topic.

2. Press release: answer the who, what, when, where, why, and how of a breaking news situation in your industry or business.  You may get picked up by a big media source and get ranked.

3. Fill in the content gaps. If everyone is providing long-form blog posts, consider creating an infographic for the visual people. Create videos and turn those videos into a short paragraph description for the algorithm to pick up. Keywords are vital!

4. Search out broken links and reach out to the owner offering your resources as a helpful substitute so that link has somewhere to go.

5. Roundup posts are a popular way to forge relationships with others in your industry. You would interview them and create an article that links to them (and they, in turn, will link back to you and share your content since they’ve been prominently featured).

My encouragement for you

Start building that list of topics you can begin building high-quality content. These are articles that shouldn’t be rushed. You want to make sure they are well-researched, fully optimized, promoted across all social media platforms and highly engaged with your audience.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out this beginner’s guide to link building.

Remember, just because you’re doing all the right things, link building is still dependent on others’ free choice. They don’t have to link to you… but it is understood to be important to those who know.

Please reach out if you’d like a sit-down chat about a content strategy for your business!

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