Creating Raving SuperFans: the What, Why and How?


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Every now and then, I’d like to share elements from a book with you that I really enjoyed. One of the first ‘marketing’ books I read was Superfans. The next few issues I plan to talk about why they’re important, how to collect them, and what to do next.

What are Superfans?

Everyone is a fan of something (or many things), but superfans behave differently than your average fan. To an outsider, a superfan’s actions may seem ridiculous and excessive. You’ll drive an insane distance to buy something, spend hours in a week talking about it, passionately defend it against someone who thinks differently. Basically, you become an ambassador of the thing you wholeheartedly love and appreciate. 

As a superfan, you don’t care what anyone else thinks of your obsession and will zealously promote it to get other people to love it as you do. You will spend money, time and emotion into what you love. When the object of your devotion wins, you share in that win. A superfan is a stakeholder.

How do superfans relate to building a business?

If you’re trying to build a brand, you’re essentially trying to grow a following… a fan base. Only, you don’t simply want people who have a lackluster appreciation for what you’re doing… you want those sold-out people who are excited about your progress, feel tied to your mission statement because they align with your values, and participate in activities to make you succeed.

Superfans are the electricity that will spark your growth and the lifeblood that will keep your business energized.

Your superfans have special powers and abilities that can support your mission.. and that’s what makes them super.


When you build a tribe of superfans, you’re building a brand that cannot be easily broken down. Your brand will succeed regardless of the climate of the rest of your industry. For practical ways to build your fan base, check out this past issue.

How do I get superfans?

Instead of focusing on growing your email list, activities to generate more website traffic, followers or views… 

focus on experiences that will create superfans.

When you focus on creating superfans, the natural byproduct will be more followers, likes, views and subscribers. Your brand will grow stronger and you’ll have a tribe that has niched itself down and supports what you do.

Superfans are the life of your business.

My encouragement for you

This week, spend time considering how to build up a following. Some things to consider:

-What problems do my ideal customers have?

– How can I resolve their biggest pain point?

-What things can I do to personalize my customer experience to make each person feel special?

You can purchase your own copy of Superfans through Amazon HERE. Follow along and join in our discussion as we go through this brainstorming process.

Come back next week to dive further into how to build up a base of superfans!

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