Business Plan

How to reach your audience (re: business plans)

Maybe the featured image of this post is a little dramatic, but business owners must find ways to effectively reach their target market otherwise people will remain unfulfilled the rest of their lives and your business will fall to ruins (now that was most definitely melodramatic).

What is my message (re: business plans)?

The messaging you use can either make everyone yawn and move past because it’s like everyone else OR it’s creative, unique and completely targeted to interest the people you know will benefit from your business.

Writing your business plan, Pt. 2

Every business has to have an audience base. With no demand, the business will fail. So, figuring out your prospects is vital before you begin selling.

Let’s start writing your business plan… Ready?

Last week, we opened the discussion about business plans and answered the age-old question of whether they’re important or not. We decided, yes… but only if they’re set up properly. So, let’s start setting up a ‘useful’ business plan for you.

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