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We all know by now that customer reviews are important for every business. If you don’t understand the importance of customer reviews or even what they are, please check out this blog post, and when you come back we’ll cover creative ways to ask your customers to leave a review and how to use them effectively and profitably for your business. Let’s get right into this.

6 Creative Ways to ask for Customer Reviews

1. Just ask.

This looks like a quick suggestion at the checkout counter on their way out the door, a small reminder card you slip into their bag, a P.S. at the end of every email or communication, or even friendly and casual requests on other social platforms. The key with “just asking” is making it super easy for them to pop on over and do this special favor real fast by adding a link so they don’t have to take the time to search for the correct spot.

2. Make it part of your SOP.

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a vital part of every successful business. Finding a natural spot where asking for a review and then making it official is the best way to consistently remember to ask and keeping this part of the process consistent across your entire team.

3. Find a way to automate the process.

Think of how many emails and messages you send. Now consider typing out the request to leave a review and pasting the link every. single. time. I can feel you shudder at the waste of precious time. Consider creating a pop-up when someone visits the “contact us” page of your website or send a monthly feedback email to encourage honest thoughts about your business.

4. Ask the happy ones.

As we’ve seen with many statistics, disgruntled customers need no encouragement to leave reviews… but the satisfied customers are typically more than willing when asked. So don’t forget to ask.

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5. Explain why it’s important to you.

Sometimes customers don’t know why giving their opinion is important to the business owner. They’re not trying to be rude or neglectful, but if you stress how much their rating can help you they may make a concerted effort to follow through for you.

6. Respond to everyone.

If a patron of your company sees that you respond to every single person who leaves a comment, they will be much more likely to also give a rating. Being engaged with your customers, whether they’re happy or dissatisfied, shows everyone that comes across your profile that you truly care about your customers. And that’s why this is called “Reputation Management.”

Top 6 Applications of Customer Reviews

It has been proven over and over that customer reviews influence purchase decisions. We are sharing practical ways to use the best customer reviews you’ve collected.

Display your reviews

Customer reviews are only effective if people get to see them. They belong everywhere: your website, online store, and all your social media pages.

Displaying customer reviews can improve conversion by as much as 270%

Improve your products, service, or interactions

Negative reviews aren’t commonly referenced, aside from how to respond to the people who left them (for more on that topic, check out this blog post). But if you want to get into the nitty-gritty, no business is completely guilt-free all the time. Of course we make mistakes. The point isn’t simply smoothing feathers so the disgruntled customer changes their rating (though that’s nice, too); but take the criticisms and work out how to improve the customer experience all around.

Maybe it means you need to improve the quality or technology of your products or upgrade and add extra value to your services. Regardless, each review should give you an opportunity to pause and reassess every aspect of your business. Keep the mindset of being unwilling to settle, but continually improve.

Listen to honest feedback.

Sometimes your customers will have a brilliant idea. Let go of any ego and see how you might implement their suggestions. You never know.. It might be the next pet rock or fidget spinner idea.

Use them to cement your brand reputation

Your online reputation now has a name. Social proof. As discussed already, reviews are read thoroughly by warm leads before committing to any product or service. 

Negative reviews make 92% of consumers less likely to use a business

Creating that customer connection through genuine, real-person responses will reveal the heart behind your business, reducing the harmful effects of the errant negative review. But also using the positive, glowing reviews that are well-written and detailed (a must for optimal effectiveness) should be used liberally in your marketing campaigns and promotions. Use that social proof… because that’s what everyone cares about.

Build a loyal fan base

There are so many ways to build up your loyal customer base. From creating a special group on social media to hosting gatherings and offering resources with perks for the most faithful… find a way that best suits your business to build up that following because those people are your best marketers.

Manage your reviews regularly

With all those reviews you’ve collected, there is bound to be some that aren’t supposed to be there. Spammy comments or people who wrote something but got the wrong business (it happens!) need to be removed or addressed to keep your review site managed and completely reputable-looking. For tools to help with managing your reputation, check out this blog post.

It’s time to take this information and begin implementing it in your own business. As we spoke about managing your customer reviews, you may find my Review Response Templates helpful. Download that free resource below. 

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