5 Huge SEO Mistakes, Pt. 2

Learn from failure

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Our autumn is starting beautifully, isn’t it? I’m sitting here on my front porch with the breeze lightly blowing and I’m trying to get in the headspace to talk about SEO mistakes! If you missed the first three mistakes you can find them in last week’s newsletter. Find them on my website.

Let’s jump right in!

4. Forgetting social media icons

After all the research on keywords and placing them strategically into your content, you may be tempted to be finished and wrap up the whole thing… but you’ve forgotten one of the most important parts of every article and blog post which is an SEO mistake.

LinkedIn post about SEO Mistakes
Posting my newsletters on LinkedIn

If you’re the only one eagerly awaiting your article or post being published and promoted, you’ve done it wrong. Social media definitely plays a part in your audience even being aware of you. As long as you’re creating unique content that provides value, they will be interested.

Make sure you’re teasing the topics you’re writing about. Start a discussion on your platforms and when your content is finally published, share the links in your posts so others can see and share as well.

5. Keyword stuffing

When I first started in my writing, clients routinely asked for two or three keywords to be placed into their 200 word pieces four times apiece! Another way to stuff keywords is simply list them out at the end of your article… which is definitely a huge SEO mistake. Even though that trend is no longer effective, it can sometimes still happen. There are other ways to get ranked which still include keywords.

Your keywords are not just one or two words, they can be short phrases. Not only can you use a commonly-searched phrase, you can even mix the words around slightly. This makes for even easier and natural reading for your audience and Google will recognize you as a reputable source with strong, respected content.

My encouragement for you

First, start looking at the content you want to produce and begin organizing it on a calendar. That is the best way to plan out a cohesive list of topics and strategize any freebies to go along with it. Then you can begin teasing the post and the freebie on your social media platforms. The best way to practice is simply by doing.

Next, write a blog post with some keywords in mind, and then promote that blog post on your various social media accounts with a small introduction that asks your audience a relevant question. Your goal is engagement. Try to make it something compelling so people feel they must answer.

Then, ask me for my SEO checklist for all articles and blog posts. This thorough walkthrough will help you optimize everything you publish to make sure it ranks in Google. Just email me, and I’ll gladly send you my Google Doc link.

And, finally, schedule a chat with me at my Calendly link so we can talk about your business goals and map out a plan to get you there quickly and with the least amount of struggle. I’m always here to help!

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