4 Essential Elements of Your Messaging Strategy


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Every business knows they are working to pursue a particular customer. The way most people reach their ideal audience is through very specific brand messaging. The question becomes, how do you determine the messaging that will work for you?

Let’s cover 4 elements of creating a messaging strategy:

1. Determine your distinguishing factors.

Honestly, this line of thinking really should have been established long before you set up your website and started advertising for business. Have you asked yourself:

What sets your business apart? 

As you brainstorm, work up all the factors that set you apart from your competition. Look at what you provide from your ideal customer’s perspective. 

Why should they come to your business instead of the guy across the street?

What is your unique selling point?

Do you offer the highest quality products? Organic ingredients? Impeccable customer service or your ethical business practices?

Every company is different. Find the ways that yours is different from others and make that a key part of your brand messaging strategy.

2. Declare your goal and vision.

In order to have compelling messaging that your customers will care about, your goals and vision should be more than generating profit. You making money is not something your customers will care about.

What do you want to accomplish with your business? What greater purpose does your company have that customers will want to participate in?

Many consumers want to feel good when they make a purchase. If you have a larger message about bettering the world around you, it is much more likely for your customers to be drawn to your purpose and feel good about supporting you. 

messaging strategy
For more tips on effective messaging strategy, read this article.

3. Understand your target audience.

Just as your customers need to understand your vision and higher purpose, you also need to understand your customers. Finding out as much as you can about what motivates them and the things they care about will help you refine your messaging strategy so that you end up speaking directly to the people you want to reach.

Defining a target audience can be tricky. Don’t start too big. If your target is too broad, your messaging won’t land effectively. Make sure you have defined a very specific customer profile and craft a tailored message they can’t ignore.

4. Tell a compelling story.

Telling the story behind why you started your business can often help customers form an emotional connection with you. Don’t mislead or make up a compelling story. Honesty is key to having genuinely strong relationships with your audience. If they find out you made up a core element to your messaging, you will lose trust completely.

Your story can talk about where you came from, what you’re doing, and where you want to go. Making your business feel personal is a great way to resonate with your target audience.

My encouragement for you

Examine your brand messaging strategy. If you never really established a strong message for your brand, it’s not too late. Sit down and brainstorm how you’re unique, the special aspects of your business and why people will choose you over your competitors. Share your story and make yourself accessible.

People want to buy from people who have a face and a story they can relate to. For some excellent strategic marketing ideas that require outstanding branding, check out this blog article on Guerilla Marketing!

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