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Why I began...

I know business owners to be hard-working people who wear all the hats in order to push their business toward success. I know you want to see your company thrive while also being able to turn your attention away for family and much-needed rest. To get your personal time, you need to delegate the tasks which are currently sucking up your time. The problem is maybe your team isn’t large enough or you don’t think it’s in your budget to hire someone. So you feel stuck.

You are working yourself toward a burnout. Pushing so hard with no end in sight ruins relationships and even your health. I understand what it’s like to start up a business and feel the need to do all the jobs.

You deserve to focus on your passion, the reason why you began your business. And you are the reason I started up my business. Let me help you succeed by taking some of the pressure off your marketing to-do list.

How I Got Here...

Since an early age, Wendy has been interested in a variety of things: investigation, writing, creativity. She didn’t know then how all those things would come together to give her the perfect role in life.

She has worked for the FBI as a data analyst in the fraud department, created and dissolved a few entrepreneurial ventures (from selling cosmetics to decorating cakes), marketed and taught piano lessons for 20 years in multiple states across the country, homeschooled her children while writing online content as a freelancer, and was hated and feared as a substitute teacher. 

In 2020, her time as a substitute ended and God graciously provided her with a job that pushed her into learning new skills and honing her existing writing strengths even further. Through a series of unexpected jumps, she has now landed in a spot where she gladly extends her versatile abilities toward helping other business owners manage their online reputations.

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